2015 Italian cookie List

Milwaukee based Italian Bakery releases 2015 cookie offering list

Scordato Bakery has released their 2015 cookie list offerings and it’s sure not to disappoint!

Vanilla Nut Slice Cookie
Chocolate Nut SliCe Cookie
Vanilla Cookie Sandwich
Cimino Cookie
Vanilla Macaroon Cookie
French Macaroon Cookie
Raspberry Fruit Cake Cookie
Chocolate Macaroon Cookie
Pecan Finger Cookie
Turtle Cookie
Italian Wedding Cake Cookie
Chocolate Butter Dip Cookie
Apricot Tea Cookie
Chocolate Coconut Dip Cookie
Biscotti Cookie
Mexican Wedding Cake Cookie
Vanilla Bon Bon Cookie
Italian Macaroon Cookie
Apricot Fruit Cookie
Vanilla Butter Start Cookie
Chocolate Butter Star Cookie
Pipatelli Cookie
Napolitane Cookie
Anise Toast Cookie
Chocolate Bon Bon Cookie
Limoncello Cookie
Double Chocolate Dipped Cookie
Vanilla Coconut Dip Cookie
Amaretti Cookie
Chocolate Biscotti Cookie
Green Holiday Cookie Tray
Tutu Cookie
Vanilla Butter Dip Cookie
Fig Cookies
Chocolate Cookie Sandwich
Red Holiday Cookie Tray
Rainbow Cookie
Traditional Italian Cookie Sampler
Christmas Cookies
Traditional Italian Cookies
Traditional Italian Cookie Sampler
Italian Speciality Cookies
Easter Cookies
Italian Biscotti Cookies
Italian Bagel Chips
Tea Cookies
Wedding Cookies
Espresso Cookies

For more information on Scordato Bakery and their offerings, contact them today.

Scordato Bakery, Inc.
5011 West Howard Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53220
(414) 327-8555